The Highwood Centre in High River has gone through a lot of changes over the years.

The board that runs the building for the Town approached council last week and Mayor Craig Snodgrass says they were brought up to date on the group's future plans for improvements.

"The biggest ones are of course the audio/video system and some of the lighting and because the Highwood Centre is a Town-owned facility run by the Highwood Centre Board all the capital funds have to come through the Town of High River," he says.


Snodgrass says council will look at putting money aside in future budgets for the work.

Council has also approved a $40,000 request from the board.

"They needed that money secured in order for them to apply for a grant to get the flooring refinished," he says.

"Redoing floors of that size is an expensive venture to take on so it'll be the whole $80,000 if they get that matching grant."