The Town of High River has provided another weekly Highwood River update.

As of Friday, June 21st, the Town reported that the snowpack in the river basin is still within the normal range for this time of year, and is currently measuring at the equivalent of 108 mm (4.25 inches) of snow water.

The river flow, though, has dropped to below the normal flow ranges of 25 and 65 meters per second.

Currently, the river flow is measuring at 21 cubic meters per second, whereas on Friday, June 14th, the river flow was at 28.44 meters per second.

With minimal precipitation in the forecast for this week, significant changes in the river flow are not anticipated.

The temperatures for this week are expected to rise, which will cause a slow, consistent melt of the remaining snowpack.

The snowpack in the river basin had completely melted away by June 2nd in 2023, and by June 19th. the river flow was down to 12.6 cubic meters per second.

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