The Selk family of Okotoks is enjoying a bit of hometown fame after their appearances on Family Feud Canada.

They made two appearances on Canada's version of the long-running show last week.

The family won $10,000 on their first episode, but fell short and were eliminated in their second appearance.

Their 10-grand win came down to the wire, with an intense fast money round that relied on a final answer earning them at least nine points to cross the 200-point threshold.

Luckily, Selk patriarch Jordi came through with a 14-pointer.

The prompt was "name a brass instrument," and the answer came just in time.

"I said the same thing as my son, I'd said 'trumpet.' I looked up and there were two seconds left on the clock and I had T in my head so I said 'trombone,'" says Jordi.

Jordi confirms it's much different watching the show than being up on the stage.

"You think, 'man, are they stunned or what?' But when you're sitting there under that pressure and that clock's coming down and you know you've got to get something out quick, it's a little different let me tell you. It is very tense. Your family's there, you don't want to blow it for them, you want to do the best you can."

The winnings were split among the team, and though no plans have been set in stone, a Disneyland trip is looking likely.

For Jordi, the trip out to Toronto was worth it in and of itself.

"It was very nice of them. Everything was paid for, they paid for the airfare, accommodations, food, the whole nine yards. Didn't cost us a dime."

The episodes aired a little over a month after they were recorded, and were able to hold a pretty sizable watch party.

"We got a lot of people together for our showing. We had about 65 or 70 people, we all got together and watched it. It was a lot of fun."

Watching it was just as much fun for the Selks as it was for everyone else.

"There's a lot more going on than what you see on the television, they edit it down to what they feel are the best things from us. We didn't even know what we were going to see so it was even fun for us to watch."

Both of their episodes can be streamed on CBC Gem.