The Selk family from Okotoks didn't crack under the pressure during their appearance on Family Feud Canada last night (Sept. 26).

It came to a nailbiter of a Fast Money round, but Jordi (father of team captain Levi) came through on the final question, bringing them to 205 of the required 200 points.

They're walking away with at least $10,000 but they have a shot at another 10 grand tonight.

The family didn't think they were going to be able to participate in the show at first.

They applied three years ago, and the pandemic halted any hope of being flown out east for a good while.

That's why they were so surprised when they got the call in July asking if they were interested in being flown out to Toronto in three weeks' time to appear on the show.

Lara Selk was one of the five members of the team and confirms that watching the show at home and actually being there are two very different things.

"It's so easy from the comfort of your own couch yelling out answers, right? But there's so much to it when you're standing up there, when Gerry Dee's there and the lights and everything. There's a lot of banter back and forth so you're talking about where you came from, some funny stories, and then to switch back into game mode, sometimes it can be tricky to remember your answers or stay focused. It's harder than it looks."

Things got tense in the final stretch, with the Selks needing only nine more points to reach 200 and cement their 10 grand win.

The final prompt was "name a brass instrument," with Jordi's answer, "trombone," pushing the team just over the finish line.

Lara says the tension was much higher in the studio.

"It's longer in person, they have to cut some of that out, but waiting for that last answer to roll, it was honestly like a minute of waiting to see if we cracked 200. Very nervewracking."

Viewers will have to watch this next episode to see if the Selks won more prize money, but we do know they walked away with at least $10,000 after that first episode.

Lara says there may be a Disney Land trip in the works with their winnings.

In their second episode, they'll be facing off against the Caruana family from Longueuil, Quebec.

The episode airs tonight at 7:30 p.m. and can be streamed on CBC Gem.