The Halloween decorations are already out in earnest in High River.

Just in time for Light Up High River, the Halloween edition.

Registration started October 1st and it goes until the 20th, then the voting begins on the 22nd.

Sharon Remple's 'The Boneyard' on 19th Street was the top choice by voters last year in the resident's category.

Here's what she's cooked up so far this year.

Sharon Remple's 'The Boneyard' (Facebook)Sharon Remple's 'The Boneyard' (Facebook)

There's also a business category, which Sheena's Sweets won last year, as well as a participants draw and an eligible voters draw.

It's not just about bragging rights, there's also a trophy and prizes to be won.

It also looks like 'Mystic Manor', aka The Superman House, is also going to make the cut this year.

Just go to the website at to register.


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