Rosanna Marmont is a local emerging artist who travels extensively and paints.

It has been said that Rosanna Marmont's work has to be seen in person to be truly appreciated and I can attest to that myself.

Not only the size of her works, because you can't capture the open plains in a small painting, but also the richness of the colors and the materials she uses.

Rosanna sees things in the land that others would miss and depicts it beautifully in her art work.

"I paint on wood predominantly (veneered ash, walnut, maple, all kinds)," Marmont says. "Lately I've been using slabs of Italian Olive wood and Mappa Burl from Austria."

"I also paint on rawhides and copper. The role of the material is critical. Again, I am pointing to a beauty that I did not invent or conceive, it's in the material, just as it is in the land."

"My role as an artist is very simple: to see the world with fresh eyes every day, to process, and then give it back in the most sincere way I can," she adds. "Not to edit out what is ugly, but instead to point to what is real."

This is very apparent in her work and this exhibit is a must to see. This series is from a roadtrip I did this past winter starting in NovaScotia then down to Texas, across New Mexico, throughout Arizona and then back up through Nevada, Idaho and Montana to Alberta