High River's Jason Glass is looking to keep climbing the ladder as they're in Ponoka for the next six nights of racing. Photo - Al Gimblett - Dynamic Photography.

The chucks are back on the track Friday night as they kick off six nights of racing at the Ponoka Stampede.

After a slow start, High River's Jason Glass is climbing the leader board in the driver standings as he moved up to 15th after last week's show in High River.

Okotoks Mark Sutherland is 11th, after falling out of the top 10.

High River's Jordie Fike is 19th as he struggled a bit last week.

And Milo's Jess Willard has no where to go but up as he's "Tail End Charlie" sitting in 36th spot in the 36 wagon Association.

The wagons run through Canada Day.