A festive take on a well-known fundraising event will benefit local non-profits this week.

Typically held in mid-September, Tim Hortons' Smile Cookie Week supports local charities through the sale of cookies decorated with a frosted smile.

The new holiday twist on Smile Cookie Week will see proceeds from cookies bought in Okotoks from November 13-19 going to Baby It's Cold Outside (BCO).

BCO has been around for 25 years offering support to those who need a hand up, often working with other local organizations, says founder Pamela Morgan.

"We support vulnerable citizens and homelessness. At any point in anybody's life, we're often a paycheque away from that situation. We've had the honour of teaming up with agencies and multiple charities throughout the Foothills in taking care of our community."

Funds from the Smile Cookies will be used for their annual Christmas Feast, which provides Christmas dinners for local families.

"Last year we served about 84 families, close to 800 individuals. Families, singles and seniors... We team up with local agencies and other charities, we really work wonderfully together to make sure that everybody has Christmas dinner and has a present under the tree. Whether you're new to the country or a long-standing Canadian, we want to make sure you're taken care of," says Morgan.

There's a nomination process for families and individuals.

"You can adopt a family, you can refer a family, you can donate to a family, and you can self-nominate. We will reach out as soon as possible and take care of them, and have a face-to-face conversation, we find it's really important so you're not just going on a list or something like that," she explains.

Morgan says they take care to cater to the needs of specific families.

"We're going to plan your specific dinner specifically, for what your Christmas looks like to you. If you're new to Canada we want to make sure we support your culture and some of those niceties you had back home and that you can embrace into your new home. We look at dietary needs, everything is fresh, we have a great partner year after year which is Sobeys... We also take care of Christmas presents for everybody of 18 years of age and under. Every once in a while, we're lucky to get a tree donation, and when we have that come across our plate, we are able to deliver a full-fledged Christmas."

Volunteer and nomination information can be found on the Baby It's Cold Outside website.

Tim Horton's locations in High River will be supporting the Salvation Army Food Bank.

The Holiday Smile Cookie week runs from November 13-19.

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