If you have plans to do any travelling over the next week, and especially during the Christmas season, be prepared to pay way higher prices across the rest of Canada.

According to Gas Buddy, the average price of gasoline in Alberta is sitting at 127.6 ¢/L with prices locally not that far off the average.

Oddly enough the price of gas in the Foothills is pretty much the same as it was a year ago.  On December 12th of 2022 the price of gas in High River was also at 129.9 ¢/L

The average price in High River is still sitting at 129.9 ¢/L while it's at 128.9 ¢/L in Okotoks.  Costco in Okotoks is usually lower and it's at 112.9 ¢/L.

However, if you plan on travelling over the holidays get ready to open the wallet, especially if you travel to British Columbia.

The average price in B.C. is 166.8 ¢/L, the second highest in Canada just behind Newfoundland, with gas going for 169.9 ¢/L in Sparwood, B.C. on Hwy 3 and it's even higher in Golden, B.C. at 174.9 ¢/L and if you have plans to hit up Fernie for some downhill skiing gas will cost you 167.9 ¢/L.

Now, if you have plans to visit our prairie neighbours you won't be hit with quite the shock. The average in the land of the Roughriders is only at 141.8 ¢/L while the average Manitobans are paying is 143.4 ¢/L.

*The prices are from Tuesday, Dec. 5th.

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