Several medians are to be removed from Highway 2 in Foothills County next year.

There are several intersections of the highway between Okotoks and Calgary known for frequent collisions, largely due to left turns on and off Highway 2, and the medians are to be removed to address those safety concerns.

The medians slated to be removed are located at: Township Road 212 and 306 Avenue, Township Road 210 and 338 Avenue, and Township Road 204 and 370 Avenue.

The project page on the province's website has a "benefits" section outlining the reason behind the changes:

"Significant improvements to traffic flow and safety, including fewer collisions, will result from eliminating left turns and east/west through movements."

Shoulders will also be widened to increase the turning radius for right turns.

Some median crossings are being installed for use by emergency and maintenance vehicles.