Local author Lecia Cornwall is hitting it big in the U.S. with her latest fictitious novel 'That Summer in Berlin'.

She says it's a historical romance filled with spy's, romance and nazi's.

"The book is a historical fiction, and it is set in Berlin in 1936 during the famous Nazi Olympics.  And it's about a young woman who has a talent for photography, she figures there's no chance anyone's going to suspect a camera mad young tourist of spying but basically that's what she's doing."

The novel is getting some very positive reviews: 

"Cornwall's realistic depiction of the battlefield horrors is enhanced by her magnetic, multidimensional characters. This emotionally charged novel delivers the goods."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    - Publishers Weekly

She says the support she's received stateside has also been reflected locally too.

"It's getting excellent reviews and it's been on the Calgary best seller list twice. People have been very complimentary about this and to tell you the truth when I actually submitted it, I wasn't sure it was going to be as well reviewed as it's become. So, yeah, that's been a very exciting thing."

You can join Cornwall at the new bookstore in High River, Margins at Unit #4, 601 - 1st St. SW from 1 to 3 pm this Saturday Jan. 28.