The Highwood High School basketball teams began their season last weekend. 

During the Bearspaw Christian School Tournament, the JV Boys won one game, but lost two others.

In their first game, the Highwood Mustangs narrowly defeated the Calgary Christian Cougars with a score of 42-40.

The Mustangs didn't fare as well during their second game. They lost 70-60 to the FFCA Phoenix, during a semi-final game.

During their last game of the weekend, the Mustangs lost to the Bearspaw Grizzlies after a tough game.

The senior varsity boys' team from Highwood High travelled to Canmore. 

In their first game, the Mustangs took on the Canmore Wolverines, but lost by only three points.

That loss must have given them the extra push they needed, because they won their next two games.

In their second game, the Mustangs defeated the Hugh Sutherland Kodiaks with a score of 73-65.

For their final game, the Mustangs beat the Banff Bears 75-64.

The Foothills Athletic Council season begins on Wednesday Dec. 6th, when the Mustangs take on the Oilfields Drillers.

The Senior girls play first, beginning at 5:30. The Senior boys play at 7:15 p.m.

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