The Town of High River's street sweeping crews will be out in force soon.

They've already started on some of the main thoroughfares in town and will be hitting up residential areas beginning April 29th.

Watch for parking ban signage when it comes to your neigbourhood.

The Town is also asking for your help.  If you have gravel in front of your home, they would appreciate it if you could sweep it into a pile by your driveway.

Here's the upcoming residential schedule, weather permitting.

  • Northwest | April 29 - May 10 
  • Hamptons and Sunshine Lake areas | May 13 - 24
  • Southwest | May 27 - June 7 
  • Montrose, SE/NE Central and Emerson Lake areas | June 10 – 21

The street sweeping crews will spend about two weeks in each quadrant before moving to the next.

Something new this year, the Town now has a gravel recycling box at the High River Recycling Centre.

You're invited to bring your loose gravel and drop it off so it can be recycled.

Roads Supervisor, Peter Leek is available for any questions at 403-652-4657.