The Royal Canadian Legion Branch #71 in High River handed out the first poppy of the season Friday to High River Mayor Craig Snodgrass.

Traditionally Remembrance Day poppies are up for sale the last Friday in October and this year is no exception.

High River Legion president Linda Reed said you can get your poppies now pretty much anywhere in town.

"Of course, we always have poppies here at the branch. Our biggest businesses that have the poppies and the tap and pays and your debit cards and all that are Sobey's, Co-op, Canadian Tire and No Frills. Other than that, just about every store or bank in town should have a poppy box with poppies available to buy."

Reed also added that the funds raised go a long way to support those in our community who need help.

"It goes into our poppy trust fund, which is public funds, we can't use it at the branch for anything. It goes towards veterans, needy veterans and their families... and the hospital asks us sometimes to buy, oh we've bought several things over the years like that sit-to-stand machine they've got, a fancy bathtub, et cetera." 

Mayor Craig Snodgrass with High River Legion President Linda Reed.Mayor Craig Snodgrass with High River Legion President Linda Reed.

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