Food banks and community organizations providing help to struggling families are in line for financial help.

The Alberta government says it'll provide $10 million to help these groups provide nutritious food during a time when prices keep going up across Alberta.

Last year the Okotoks Food Bank received $40,000 while the Foothills Salvation Army got $20,000.

The Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services, Jason Nixon says the rising cost of living is putting increased pressures on many communities across Alberta.

Through this funding, $3.7 million is going to food banks this month. 

Of that, $900,000 has already been provided to the Family and Community Support Services Association of Alberta to administer food security grants, and to shelters to provide food for those experiencing homelessness. 

$4.1 million will be allocated through food security grants. 

Applications will open this month to organizations promoting food security, including smaller organizations that provide culturally appropriate food. 

Food Banks Alberta will also receive $2.2 million to develop a program to coordinate the needs of food banks and related operators during emergency needs such as natural disasters.

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