In September of last year, the Selk family from Okotoks appeared on Family Feud Canada.

For those who saw the local family and wondered how their own family would do, now's your chance.

Casting is underway for Family Feud Canada's fifth season, with filming planned for the fall.

The process involves submitting an application with a short questionnaire, a family photo, and a short video highlighting the family.

Supervising producer of casting Donia Aly says people will often put some flavour into the video portion.

"Families often end to get creative and do outside-the-box things to grab our attention. maybe they'll dress up, maybe they'll have pompoms or a song to sing to create a lasting impression.

"Family Feud Canada is a gameshow, so we are looking for families with big energy who love to have fun, so if they can do something to display that in their application, I think that would work in their favour."

From there, a member of their team will start reaching out to families to schedule a virtual audition, which Aly describes as an interview with a producer. The upside to the audition being virtual is that the family doesn't necessarily need to be in the same location.

Aly says families of all kinds are welcome.

"We recognize that families come in all shapes and sizes. We're not just looking for nuclear families that consist of mom, dad, and kids. It can be a team of cousins, it can be blended, extended family members. One time we had a couple and one of their divorced spouses on the show. A couple came on with their surrogate mothers. It's interesting to spotlight different family structures."

That applies to families of all kinds of backgrounds as well.

"We're also paying attention to making sure we're casting people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, genders, ages, and regions as well. If you've been hesitating or wondering if it's even possible to get on the show, I want to let Canadians know that it's a very accepting show, pretty easy to get an audition. There's hope, just submit an application."

She expects families who've applied will start hearing callbacks in June or July.

The application can be found here.