We now know when the Canadian grocery benefit will be landing in the wallets of an estimated 11 million Canadians. 

Legislation for the rebate was recently passed by the federal government and involves a one-time payment of $467 for eligible couples with two kids, $225 for eligible seniors, and $234 for eligible singles. 

The CRA is projecting these payments to be sent out on or around July 5 which would correspond with the next scheduled GST/HST payments. 

This affordability measure will cost the federal government $2.5 billion to implement and is meant to help out Canadians with rising food inflation. 

Eligibility criteria have not been specifically laid out by the government, but it will be aimed at low-to-modest income Canadians. 

The benefit is a re-skin of the GST tax credit boost that was rolled out in the fall. People who usually receive this type of payment will most likely not have to do much to receive the rebate, outside of filing their tax returns. 

Despite it's name, families and individuals who receive the benefit will not be required to spend it on groceries.