Prepare to be greeted by the sweet smell of hot chocolate drifting through the community as 15 businesses compete for the top cocoa spot.

The 4th annual Hot Chocolate Festival is set for 10 days of chocolatey goodness and has been growing every year according to organizer Katie Fournell.

"The event originally started just as a downtown event, but we've started approaching businesses that are not downtown.

"This is the first time there are businesses on it that I didn't know existed. I've had lots of people say ‘this is a really cool way to find out who there is in the community’ as well as trying some really amazing hot chocolates ...  And, you know, get your sugar fix for the next 6 months."

The festival will feature drinks that residents can enjoy in the business or bring with them to make at home. 

New this year is a drink specially made for the canine variety.

"I walked into Bone & Biscuit. I was like, ‘This would be funny. Do you wanna make a hot chocolate for dogs?’  

"He was like 'Sure, I can do that!' So now we have a hot chocolate for dogs!"

As residents try each chocolatey creation, they are encouraged to vote for what they think is the best.

"You get to rate every single hot chocolate you try out of five. It's really cool on the map because it gives you a little check mark for the ones that you've tried as you're doing it. 

"It's completely free. I don't send you emails unless you ask me to tell you when the next hot Chocolate festival is."

Each hot chocolate you rate gets your name in a draw for a $25 gift card to the winning business!

She adds the festival is Instagrammable and available on TikTok using the hashtag #okotokshotchocolate


2023 Hot Chocolate Festival participants include: