The cost of running local seniors' facilities has risen four per cent year-over-year.

Westwinds Communities has sent out requisitions to High River, Okotoks, Foothills County and other contributing municipalities where they provide seniors housing.

The municipalities have no say in the amount, they just tack it onto property tax bills and hand it over to Westwinds which uses it to operate.

This year's requisition comes in at $2,076,389 and is based on equalized assessments of the, now five contributing communities.

There were six until the Diamond Valley amalgamation.

Foothills County pays just under half the total, at $1,030,512, while Okotoks pays about a third, at $671,089, and High River pays 12.7 per cent, or $264,947.


The increase is attributed to the carbon tax, increases in utilities, food costs, insurance, supplies and inflation.