Municipalities are finalizing their tax rates and included are requisitions from bodies like Westwinds Communities.

They operate seniors housing faculties in Okotoks, High River and Black Diamond.

Foothills County Reeve Delilah Miller says they actually pay the lions share of the almost $2-million requisition.

"The requisition is based on assessment and not on population and we did have a discussion in council about population which would certainly change the dollar figure for all of us, especially Okotoks and Foothills County, I think it would even it out a little better than using the assessment process, but that is the value they use throughout the province so we would have to get 100 per cent support from all the members to change that, " Miller explains.

She says Westwinds does a great job operating their facilities across the region, especially so during the last two years during COVID.

"That's certainly something to be proud of that all of our seniors centres were well protected and didn't have one case of COVID during this pandemic," she says.

The County pays 49.73 per cent of the requisition, Okotoks pays 32.63 per cent, High River 12.42 per cent, Turner Valley pays 2.46 per cent, Black Diamond 2.44 per cent and Longview 0.32 per cent.

The total requisition for 2022 comes in at $1,976,760.