This Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Campaign returns next week.

From April 29 to May 5, they'll be selling cookies decorated with smiley faces, with the proceeds going to local non-profits.

Sales from Okotoks locations will benefit Baby It's Cold Outside (BCO).

BCO supports community members struggling with basic necessities, with this upcoming Smile Cookie campaign supporting BCO's "Good Neighbours Only" initiative.

"It's kind of playing on that 'Good vibes only' sort of feel and just really spreading the joy of connecting with your neighbours,' says BCO's marketing director, Jody Seeley. "It isn't just charities who can make sure people are taken care of in our communities, we can do that together by checking in on a neighbour, offering a meal, helping them out, and we hope with Smile Cookie Week, we can even inspire people to deliver some smile cookies to your neighbour."

This will be the second time Tim's has supported BCO through a Smile Cookie campaign, with their first Holiday Smile Cookie Week also benefitting BCO back in December.

"We were so excited to connect with Jeff and Brad and the team from our local Tim Hortons. That support from the Holiday Smile Cookie campaign was amazing, we had so much fun working with them and sharing the joy... We are honoured to be able to continue to develop the relationship with that team and spread some good cheer in the community," says Seeley.

BCO's founder and president Pamela Morgan was quoted in a release from the charity:

"This collaboration will enable us to extend our reach and provide vital assistance to even more individuals and families in our communities. Together, we can make a positive impact and create brighter futures for those in need."

Cookies will be available in-store for $1.50 apiece from April 29 to May 5, and you can also preorder them in-store or on the BCO website.