The Smile Cookie Campaign just returned with a holiday twist, and the result will make local families smile.

Tim Hortons just completed their first Holiday Smile Cookie campaign, which raised just under $9,000 in Okotoks.

Proceeds from this campaign were split evenly between the local non-profit Baby It's Cold Outside and Tim Hortons Foundation Camps.

"For us, this is the very first time that we've ever done a holiday smile cookie," explains Brad Woolcott, Tim Hortons franchise owner. "We typically do our Smile cookies, but I'll be honest with you, we kind of hit it out of the park. We kind of had an idea that we would probably do 6 to 7 thousand, and it came in at $8,816. So, we're definitely doing a lot better than we anticipated. And next year will be even bigger."

The Tim Hortons Foundation portion will be spent on everything from travel to accommodations to helping out staff at the Tim's Camps.

Baby It's Cold Outside has committed to spending their portion of the Smile Cookie campaign on their Christmas Feast.

"Right now, we're over 110 families that we're serving just in the Foothills," explains Baby Its Cold Outside founder and president, Pamela Morgan. "So, we have gone up from 75, to, we are figuring we are going to finish around 130-135."

While Baby It's Cold Outside received funding from the Smile Cookie campaign, Morgan says that they still require more funding.

In order for them to fully fund the Christmas feast, Baby It's Cold Outside is hoping to raise another fifteen thousand dollars this holiday season.

"I'm just very glad that we decided to go with Baby It's Cold Outside and that I know that Pam does a great job. And we know that she watches every penny and that we know that all the money is going to a great cause within our Foothills community. And that's the most important thing for us," says Woolcott.

For more information on how to receive help from Baby It's Cold Outside, either call (403) 660-3648, email, or reach out to them on social media.

For more information about the Tim Hortons Camps, reach out to Tim Hortons directly.

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