The Town of High River has updated its social media policy.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass says it was discussed at the latest Committee of the Whole meeting.

"The social media policy brought forward wasn't anything earth-shattering that we didn't know but what it does is it helps frame what the actual policy is for how our staff handle our social media accounts, being Facebook, Instagram and Twitter," he says.

"The other piece is just clear policies around how we engage with the community, what we post, how we post it, where we post it, a lot to do with how we increase the readership of the posts that we put in which is, paid advertising is the way, especially Facebook really works, really gets the reach that you're wanting."

He says the policy also lets staff know that if posts on social media become negative, the best thing to do is to delete them and if an individual becomes a problem they can be blocked.

"We're very clear with our staff that just hitting the delete button on an ignorant comment is absolutely what we support 100 per cent, we don't allow anybody to be bashing staff or any other individual in this town."

The mayor says if people want to be respectful, he's willing to listen and have a conversation.