High River council is trying to make sure operations are done in the most efficient way possible.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass says last week at the Committee of the Whole meeting they were looking at garbage pick-up.

"We, Peter and Nicole from Operations come and just give us an overview so the council has an idea just how well our garbage pick-up system works and how they can track and monitor the garbage trucks and tell people when their garbage was picked up and if it was overflowing or not," he says.

He says the truck can take pictures to determine whether a bin was put out by the homeowner too.

"Often, we get phone calls, and somebody says, 'the truck didn't pick up my bin' but when the truck goes by and the bin isn't there a picture is taken so we can go back and say 'sorry, but your bin just wasn't out on the street and then arrange a time to go and get it," Snodgrass says.


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