Fans of all ages stormed movie theatres all over the world last week to get their first look at the newest installment of the Star Wars franchise with Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

Okotoks Cinemas was one of the local theatres fortunate enough to have the movie on opening weekend.

General Manager Chelsea Casson says it was a hectic weekend for her staff.

"It was quite busy but it was fun," she says. "I think the staff here really enjoyed the rush of people that we had, we had a lot of customers come in wearing costumes, so we had storm troopers, Darth Vader and a Jedi and that was awesome to see."

With the film grossing $689 million as of Wednesday at the box office, Casson says that has lead to the theatre being full every night.

"Almost every showing we're probably about 80 percent full, so almost every showing we have is anywhere from 115 to 130 people."

Casson adds The Force Awakens has been the busiest movie for the theatre in 2015.

"Runner-up would be Jurassic World, but in 2015 this has been our busiest movie."

There is still some time to see The Force Awakens as it will be at Okotoks Cinemas from now until Jan. 14.

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