A bit of a nasty surprise with another big dump of snow overnight.

Meteorologist with Environment Canada Janelle Gergely says it's all thanks to a polar front that went through the province.

"Along with the front there was snow and there was also a change in precipitation, so we had quite warm temperatures and then there would be rain on one side of the front and then as the temperatures dropped it was transitioning to snow. A lot of that precipitation was associated with that polar front and it was more than expected," she explained.

She was a little caught off guard by the change.

"I went home on Thursday the forecast said 2 to 4 cm. and when I got in on Friday the forecasters had upped it to 5 to 10 cm. I'm looking at it now and looks like 10 to 15 cm fell in the High River area."

There was lots of talk about Calgary breaking a decades-old snowfall record Friday but Gergely says they're looking to see if there wasn't some errors in the way it was recorded.

We're looking for a good week ahead.

"It'll be normal or slightly below normal," she says. "Normal in High River at this time of year is -3 so we are a little bit below that for this week but going into the weekend we're going to have a westerly flow set up and we'll see some warming."