The sport of Heavy Armoured Combat is expanding in the Foothills thanks to a pair of brothers.

Hailing from High River, Warren and Ryan Neilson have been active in the sport for a few years now and have just recently formed their own team for the Foothills.

(L to R) Ryan and Warren Neilson in full combat gear.(L to R) Ryan and Warren Neilson in full combat gear.

The Arverni Legion Premier Armoured Combat Team is rolling along now and they're looking for more people to come try out the 'toughest sport in the world' as their business card states.

Warren Neilson said it'll make it a lot easier instead of having to drive into Calgary all the time.

"For those guys or girls that don't wish to make that trip up into the city to give this sport a try and participate in it. So, we're operating down here in the Foothills for anybody who wishes to come out and check it out."

And you can check out the sport this upcoming weekend at a huge combat tournament.

"It's going to be up at the Winsport arena in Calgary. It's going to be on the 24th and 25th of this month. We are going to be streaming it live on Fight TV. For all that information if you go to armoured combat dot ca, that should take you to the armoured combat entertainment site and that'll be a place where you can purchase your tickets, or you can subscribe on Fight TV to watch it live if you can't make it out to the event and have an update on the scheduling and what times everything's at."

Nielson shared that they've also set up their own forges and are making their own weapons and customized armour. 

Full suits of armour can weigh anywhere from between 50 to 120 lbs. with a number of changes made to ensure a higher level of safety for those in the sport.