The provincial government provided their weekly wildfire update on May 9, and shared some good news.

Minister of Forestry and Parks Todd Loewen started the media conference off with some good news about the state of wildfires in Alberta.

"Thanks to cooler temperatures and more precipitation in many areas of the province, wildfire danger is now low to moderate throughout much of Alberta," explained Loewen. "These conditions paired with diligent work on the part of our firefighters has led to more than 300 fully extinguished wildfires this year."

With 40 wildfires currently burning in the fire protection area of Alberta, there are three that are being held, while the rest are under control.

There are currently no wildfires classified as out of control, and none of the fires are of note.

"So far this year, we have had 280 wildfires start, and we have extinguished 261," said Alberta Wildfire Information Unit Manager Christie Tucker at the media conference. "Wildfires have burned 9,197 hectares this year, and by comparison, at this time last year, we had already seen more than 260,000 hectares burned." 

While parts of Alberta have seen much-needed rain and snowfall recently, Tucker says this is the time of year when conditions will change.

"With temperatures rising rapidly over the next couple of days, we're about to see a spike in wildfire danger in those areas of the province that haven't had as much rain."

There are fire restrictions in the north part of the province and a fire ban is now in place in the Grande Prairie Forest Area, because they are expecting low humidity and high temperatures.

Which is perfect conditions to help a wildfire spread quickly.

Turner says that Albertans have to choose between helping to reduce wildfires by respecting fire bans or being part of the problem.

"On average, 67 per cent of wildfires in Alberta are caused by people. At this time of year, that number is even higher. So far, 199 wildfires have been determined to be human-caused this year. Don't be that person," Turner said.

Turner reminds people to keep an eye on the conditions of forest fires in their area and to check on fire bans prior to having a fire.

To check on fire bans in your area, click here.

To watch the full media conference, click here.