The High River Fire Hall is hosting an open house on Saturday (May 11) from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm for Emergency Preparedness Week.

High River Fire and Protective Services hopes that this gives residents a chance to meet with the team in a stress-free environment and ask any questions they've always wanted to pose to first responders.

Cody Zebedee, Chief of Fire and Community Safety for the town of High River lays out what people can expect from the event.

"This is our third open house that we have done in the town, the first one was when we did the grand opening of our new addition on the station. Every year it's been kind of growing from there. Our hope is to bring education to our community on emergency preparedness. Having plans in place, having kits, know what to do in an event of an emergency and things like that," Zebedee said.

"The open house allows people to come through, look at the fire trucks, we are going to have some food here and drinks which have been graciously supplied by the Kinsmen who stepped up to help out, High River Sobeys and Salvation Army are a big part of that piece of bringing in the food for us."

"Again, we just want people to come out, ask questions. We have some new material that we are going to be handing out this year for how to be prepared in your home, business, and that sort of stuff. Just giving people the general understanding of what they can do to prepare themselves. As we know it may not be a flood but, it could be fire, tornadoes, wind, hail and all those sorts of things that we do have that hazard in our community, and make sure people are prepared."

The open house is geared for all age groups, but they do expect a good number of kids to come and get a close look at the fire trucks and have some fun learning about fire prevention.   

The Fire Hall has had great turnouts in the two previous open houses and will look to continue to grow in that aspect this year and help anyone with any questions they may have.

You will be able to enter into a free draw during the open house earning a chance to win a portable BBQ.

The fire hall is located at 1010 5 St. SE in High River.