Anyone in the local area with a sweet tooth will be able to help the High River Hospital's Low Risk Maternity Clinic this week.

Tim Horton's Smile Cookies are back.

Operators, Kim and Kevin Generoux are looking forward to it.

"Every Tim Horton's will be selling Smile Cookies with 100 per cent of the proceeds going to a local charity and we get to pick our own charity and we're so happy to partner with Cathy, we see High River growing, we see the hospital in High River's an important part of our community, and we want to give back, and really it's our customers who give back," Kevin Generoux says.

He says they'll have hospital staff come to their locations along with others and they're really happy to be able to partner with the local hospital.

In the past they sent the money raised locally to the NICU clinic in Calgary.

Cathy Couey with the High River District Health Care Foundation says proceeds will go to help new moms.

"We are putting the money towards the High River Hospital's Low Risk Maternity Clinic and in particular our one goal to purchase is a bedside ultrasound monitor. So that will allow actual ultrasound to occur in the clinic which is a reduction in a visit to another hospital or another clinic for an ultrasound, it also allows them to respond quickly if they can't find the baby's heartbeat or maybe to check on the baby's positioning, " Couey says.

Last year the local Tim Horton's sold almost 9,000 Smile Cookies and Kevin and Kim Generoux hope they can do even better this year.