Thanks to some local support the Rowan House Society is moving forward with a new program and some new opportunities for local businesses to show their support.

Domestic violence support in your workplace is a new program the Rowan House Society now offers.

Executive Director Linette Soldan said the community presentations they now offer have a new component.

"If a staff member is experiencing domestic violence and abuse in their home and they come to their workplace and they're needing support one of the things Rowan House can now do with our community presentations is to talk about that with the organization. How do they support individuals who are experiencing domestic violence and abuse? And what's really good about it, is we can do a 'lunch and learn', we can provide some consultation and then thirdly, until the end of September we can come, we have a consultant who can review the organization's policies and procedures and just ensure they are in alignment with best practices for employees who are experiencing domestic violence."

The Rowan House Society also has some new opportunities for local businesses to help support the 24-year-old women's shelter.

Soldan said you can now sponsor individual rooms at the shelter.

"We are super excited. We had our first sponsor from Rare Built. So, we have our 'Rest and Restore' which is our seven bedrooms, we have 'Heal the Spirit', 'Feel and Let Go', 'Create Joy' and 'Feed the Soul' which is our kitchen area."

Contact the Rowan House Society for more information at 403-652-3311 or online