The Rowan House emergency shelter is in line for $350,000 in provincial funding.

Executive Director Linette Soldan says they were forced to shut down their stay-at-home program last June because of a lack of funding support.

"We're going to be looking at re-starting the program up in the community again, "she says. "So that is our next step is to look at our current model that we had and then looking at starting up the program, so we're super excited about that and extremely thankful."

The program empowers women to have agency over their choices while experiencing domestic violence.

The grant will also help the Rowan House Society with its preventative education program which allows instructors to go into schools and make presentations to grades two, five, eight and eleven in Foothills County, the Willow Creek M.D., and Vulcan County.

They talk with students and provide tasks and techniques for them to learn about kindness, empathy, bullying, and healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Soldan says the facilitators are great at connecting with schools and teachers.

Another part of their preventative education involves community presentations, where they talk about domestic violence, what it is, signs to watch for, and what supports can be provided.

Soldan says they're expanding their Healthy Relationship groups to include Nanton as of April 2, and setting groups up in Diamond Valley, Claresholm and Vulcan.

"We couldn't do what we do without the support of the communities in the Foothills area, the Vulcan area, the M.D. of Willow Creek, we could not do it without everybody's support and we do fundraise throughout the year, especially for our preventative education program, so this is going to be another support for s to really be able to support the community in a more consistent and meaningful way," Soldan says.