The Rowan House Society has shared details of their new three-year plan.

With engagements from team members, the community, and both internal and external stakeholders, they've formulated a strategic plan for 2024-2027.

Creating the new strategic plan involved re-examining and updating the organization's key principles.

That includes a new Mission: "We are here to break the cycle of domestic violence and abuse in our communities," as well as a new Vision: "We aspire to compassionately erase domestic violence and abuse."

Executive Director Linette Soldan says they've also updated their list of Values, which guides their decision-making and approach to how they serve the community.

"They're a little bit longer, we had five core Values and this time we have seven. Our Values are Integrity, Courage, Honor, Action, Nurture, Growth, and Excellence. Together these values are remembered through the acronym I-CHANGE. We know that in order to successfully support our community and our clients that are experiencing domestic violence and abuse, change starts with us, each and every one of us. That's why the acronym I-CHANGE really stood out for us."

This will be the first of Rowan House's strategic plan that Soldan has overseen the creation of as executive director, having joined them just over two years ago.

She's thrilled to move forward and put the new plan to use.

"It's been an honour being here at Rowan House Society and working alongside staff members and individuals experiencing domestic violence and abuse, but also with the community, the heart of the community, it really does make a big difference and it really shows the true spirit of our community. I'm super excited about the next three years for Rowan House."