Riley the Horse, High River's town mascot, has recently come out of retirement.

Riley is named after High River's first mayor in 1906, Daniel Edward Riley, who later became a Senator in Canada's parliament.

Most High Riverites are already familiar with Senator Riley Middle School named in his honour.

The origin of the mascot came about 20 years ago when the Town of High River had a tourism committee. Spearheading the committee was Ken Wardley and Lynette McCracken and they came up with the idea of a town mascot to promote tourism. Riley was involved in many parades and events throughout his time, but he's actually been out to pasture since the pandemic and just recently resurfaced at the Little Britches Parade earlier this year.

The Town of High River's Special events coordinator, Heather Ross, said he's actually been out of retirement for a little while now.

"Riley made his first appearance for the Town in the Little Britches Parade. He went out to Vulcan, got to participate there, and look forward to seeing him at a number of different events now moving forward."

He's also made some special guest appearances in a few other parades as well as at a few Okotoks Dawgs home games.

Keep your eyes peeled for Riley at upcoming events throughout the Foothills.

Riley is ready to represent High RiverRiley is ready to represent High River

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