Summertime can mean down time for some people who may busy themselves with some destructive activity.

High River RCMP Const. Jill Kingdon-Mills says whether it's in a park or elsewhere if you see something out of the ordinary give them a call.

"We police the town of High River 24 hours a day, seven days a week so you don't have to worry about us getting called out or anything, somebody is at work and certainly if you see something happening we just really ask you to call at the time it's happening so that we have a better chance to address the issue at the moment," she says. "We do our best to be everywhere all the time but let's face it it's impossible so we rely very heavily and appreciate input from our community's citizens."

She admits that they do triage calls and if they're at something serious they may not be able to get to the next call right away but says they still want people to know they can call so RCMP can follow it up later if need be.

Const. Kingdon-Mills says the Positive Ticketing campaign rewarding young people for doing good is still going well.

She thanked sponsors for giving gift certificates that the RCMP hand out to young people they catch in the act of doing something good, like picking up litter or riding their bike with a helmet on.

The program goes through the summer.