The rainbow-coloured Pride crosswalk in High River, right across from the Venue on 5th Avenue SE, has been repainted.

Volunteers with High River Pride showed up on Sunday afternoon at 1:00 to repaint due to some vandalism and rain that washed out the colours.

President of the group, Halle Minkler, says it went really well.

"It was great! It was a much smaller affair, that's kind of how we wanted it because the Venue had a few of their own events going on so we wanted to be respectful of that and honestly it was great. It was still a really wonderful time."

Mother Nature cooperated this time, making it much easier for the paint to dry.

"We were a little more organized this time. We had a pretty good set schedule of how long to let every layer of paint dry and it was really nice to have a bright sunny day and it gave it a good chance to dry and cure a little bit more than it did the week before."

Regarding the vandalism that happened shortly after the original painting of the crosswalk, Minkler is staying positive.

"I'm feeling pretty positive about future vandalism as far as that goes just because I do know the RCMP have been working pretty closely with us to let us know they're keeping an eye on things, and they take any acts of vandalism pretty seriously."