High winds throughout the Foothills have been pushing trees to their limits with many branches falling into the roads and surrounding pathways.

Okotoks crews are out cleaning up but with the intensity of the current winds it may take a while says Parks Manager for the town Christa Michailuck.

"We'll be coming round and collecting as we can get there. It might take us a few days, so we'll probably be prioritizing the trees that are blocking infrastructure like roads and pathways and things first and then getting to the smaller branch clean-up that are more of an aesthetic issue in parks. That might have to be done with our next mowing cycle."

She adds safety is their priority at the moment so it may take a while for them to get to the heavily forested areas.

Residents aren't recommended to head out to clean yet but if they would like to assist they can collect branches and pile them together in one spot to make it quick for town crews. Alternatively, they fit them into their green bins for collection.


Though they have started cleaning the branches their sights are set elsewhere.

"Right now our priorities are focused on the high stream flow advisory and the preparations we have to do related to that, so hopefully we can get back to somewhat normal operations and clean up."