The Flood Warning has been downgraded to a High Streamflow Advisory for the Highwood River.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass says the town is not getting complacent.

"Evan at 200 cms (cubic metres a second) things can change really quick so all our Town crews are going a great job, our EOC (Emergency Operations Centre) staff is engaged and trying to give people as much assurance as possible that we've got things under control and we're keeping a good eye on it," he says.

Snodgrass says there are a lot of things that can be triggers for those who went through the 2013 flood.

"It's hard for people, this time of year is a very difficult time but we've got resources through our FCSS department and they can go there and they've got kits and counsellors there so if people are experiencing this PTSD type emotions then we've got resources for them," Snodgrass says.

At 200 cms, he says, it doesn't come close to what would have to happen to impact any of the mitigation the Town has built over the last nine years.

To put it in perspective, in 2013 there was over 1,800 cms flowing down the Highwood and breaching the banks.

Fire Chief Cody Zebedee says this latest rain event has allowed the town to study what needs to be done if this were a bigger event and be prepared for it.

"We've set up a skeleton crew with Planning and Operations as well as our Command staff just to keep an eye on what's happening and again the biggest thing about this whole thing, like the mayor alluded to, at 200 cms our biggest thing is providing that information to our public to keep all of our residents informed to keep mayor and council informed and make sure anybody who needs to know is in the know about what's going on out there," Zebedee says.

The rain is supposed to come to an end Wednesday afternoon.

CHigh River Fire Chief Cody Zebedee gives an update on the river forecast.