Spring cleaning continues in Okotoks.

The Town will have crews out on Wednesday, April 24 and Thursday, April 25 to clean up several streets in town.

Weather permitting, street sweeping crews will be out from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on both days, causing parking bans to be implemented.

The following streets will be affected by the street-sweeping parking bans:

  • April 24: Cimarron Estates Drive from Cimarron Drive to Cimarron Estates Gate 
  • April 24: Cimarron Estates Gate from Cimarron Estate Drive to 32 Street
  • April 24: Cimarron Way from Cimarron Drive to Woodhaven Drive
  • April 24: Cimarron Drive from Cimarron Estates Road to South Ridge Drive
  • April 25: Cimarron Trial from Cimarron Drive to Cimarron Boulevard
  • April 25: Banister Gate from North Ridge Drive to Banister Drive
  • April 25: Banister Drive from Banister Gate to Milligan Drive 

Anyone driving around Town those days is encouraged to find alternative routes around the work being done, if possible, to ensure the cleaning crews' safety.

Waste collection, emergency services, and mail deliveries will remain unaffected.

Head over to the Town's website to stay up to date on street cleaning and parking bans.