Residents of Long Term Care at the High River Hospital recently got an upgrade on their rooms.

They worked with Foothills Signs to come up with photos of doors wrapped in the same type of decals used for advertising on trucks and buses.

Executive Director of the High River District Hospital Foundation Wendy Kennelly says they wanted the rooms to have a more "homey" feel.

"We don't want anyone to feel like they're living in a hospital, we want them to feel at home and it has immediately brought some joy to the space and boy did our residents have some fun watching the installers put these decals on their doors," she says.

She says the doors evoke memories and create interest for seniors that a simple brown hospital door can't.

"For example the dining room doors, they're often secured until there is a meal being served, and so it now looks almost like a restaurant, dining room, it's a little bit retro but when our residents go by and the door is closed there's recollection that they know that that's the dining room," Kennelly explains. "We have a hair salon and so now the hair salon door looks like a salon and there's an image of scissors and a comb."

The project was paid for through local service clubs, families of residents and local businesses.

Kennelly says there's been some really great feedback from families of residents on the second floor as well.

A Long Term Care Resident in front of his "new" door