A goalie from the Bow Mark Oilers has not only recently received an award from the town, but has also represented Canada at an International level.

Carter Esler minded the net for team Canada at the 4th Winter Youth Olympics in Gangwon Province, South Korea.

After being scouted to play for Team Canada, Esler met up with his teammates in Vancouver to practice.

Once in Korea, Esler says they had a few days to explore.

"The first few days, we kind of went just to check out the sights, tour the village, and all the other arenas, and stuff like that," Esler explained. "But then, once we got into playing the games, we kind of just stick more to the games. We didn't really go out to watch different stuff."

Team Canada played four games with 15-minute periods during the Olympics, with mixed results.

"We started off by playing South Korea and then we played Finland," says Esler. "We won both those, so we were in the medal rounds."

For their semi-final game, they took on Team USA, who ended up taking home the Gold medal.

With the game tied at the final buzzer, the game went into overtime, where the Americans beat Esler and his teammates in a shootout.

After losing in the semi-final game, team Canada took on Finland again for the bronze medal match.

"It was a lot of fun, like we met a bunch of new people and a bunch of people that weren't from Canada," Esler says. "We all stayed together in this; it's called Athlete Village. We all hung out there, so we kind of saw everyone every day. It was really cool. And, obviously, South Korea is a bit different than here, but it was cool seeing the new stuff and stuff people do different."

And Team Canada ended up losing to Finland, again in a shootout.

In total, Esler and his teammates were in South Korea for 12 days.