Alberta is one of only a few jurisdictions that still recognizes Adverse Possession or Squatter's Rights.

The Alberta government has introduced Bill 3 to change that.

Chair of the Select Special Committee on Real Property Rights, Highwood MLA RJ Sigurdson says adverse possession causes added stress for agricultural producers....

"There are many challenges that face the agriculture sector and thanks to our United Conservative government this is one battle that they will not have to fight," he says. "Protecting property rights protects landowners and lets farmers and ranchers focus on what they do best, managing their businesses and putting food on the tables for consumers."

Bill 3 will mean landowners won't have to spend time protecting property rights that Sigurdson says should be a given.

Currently, Adverse Possession allows a person who has occupied another person's land for 10 years to claim ownership of that land. 

As it is now, only public land, municipal land and irrigation districts are protected.

Bill 3, if passed, will add private land to the protections.