A bright green freight container inside Highwood Distillers in High River is at the heart of a sustainability initiative.

The president of Caldera Distilling, which owns Highwood Distillers, Michael Nychyk says they're selling Eco-Spirits, a four-and-a-half litre reusable vessel of spirits as a pilot project.

"Being environmentally responsible is critical and it's a foundational piece to our business now, is how can we be environmentally responsible and provide sustainable product to the marketplace for consumers, so this year we won an Award of Excellence in Sustainability." he says. 

"Eco-spirits is a returnable vessel, liquid spirit goes out to the marketplace to restaurants, bars, hospitality industry, they use the liquid, it's a four-and-a-half litre vessel, it is used, returns to us, sterilized , re-filled and goes back so the intent is to reduce single use packaging like glass and cardboard that your traditional spirits get shipped in so we're proud launching it here in bringing this opportunity forward for the industry."

The pilot project is underway at the Rose and Crown in Canmore and the Rose and Crown in Banff.

They're the first in Canada but he says so far, the response has been great and they're working to expand across the province and the country.

"Everybody has a real keen eye on the environmental aspect of everything that they do and this is one way that we can contribute in our industry to help with that."