It's lights out across the globe Saturday, March 31st.

The World Wildlife Fund is organizing it's 9th annual Earth Hour.

Okotoks Mayor Bill Robertson says the town is a big supporter of the event.

"We're encouraging all residents to turn off their lights in particular from 8:30 to 9:30 in the evening and basically trying to see how much energy we can actually save."

He says it's a way to create awareness about global warming and precious natural resources.

"Most electricity is generated in Alberta using thermal generating plants - in other words they burn coal - coal is a fossil fuel of course and it creates various toxic gases. So if we can cut them off and create an awareness among people that it's very important to conserve, to use those fossil fuels as efficiently as possible then I think the earth will overall benefit."

Robertson says the town will also be turning off the power where it can but, of course, needs to keep safety in mind.