The HTA Knights senior boys basketball team has made the Provincials again and it was two years in the making.

Holy Trinity Academy hosted Zones last week and the Knights faced crosstown rivals, the Foothills Falcons last Friday in the final game.

The Knights won 71-58 to push them into Provincials.

Head coach Sam Aeillo says the crowd support made all the difference.

"There was a lot of noise in here, a lot of people and I thought that was the difference-maker was just the crowd noise. It was fun for our kids but you know, nerve-wracking at the same time."

The tier 4A Provincials are in Lethbridge this year and it starts this Thursday.

"We are going in as a ninth seed and we play number eight which is Leduc Composite High School on Thursday afternoon in our first round."

Only the top twelve teams in the province qualify for Provincials.

The Knights have won Provincials before in 2006 but that was when they played in tier 3A.