A long-time staple of the restaurant scene in High River has reopened in a brand-new location.

My Pizza Steak House is open at Fifth Avenue and 1st Street West across from Rotary Park.

Hasen Aboughoche co-owns the restaurant with his brother Sam and he says they wanted the food and ambiance to match.

"I would probably say the most consistent feedback I've had, the vast majority are extremely thankful and finally an establishment of such is in High River and thank God we don't have to drive to anywhere else anymore, this is exactly what High River needs," he says.

"We've never in our time in the community, 40-plus years, we've never had any questions with our food, never heard anything about the food, but there was always a but, and that was when Sam and I looked at it and said the food and the ambiance have to match and when we started to work with our designers, we wanted a place to feel like home and welcome our guests and one of the biggest things as a family is hospitality, it's very big amongst us and we certainly wanted to deliver that to the community."

There's a gallery wall with photos of the previous locations the restaurant has been including the Gateway Hotel, now the site of Sally's.

My PizzaHasen Aboughoche in the newly re-opened My Pizza Steak House

"Jim and Wendy, the previous owners, the thing I always say is 'What's meant for you will be in life' and when the opportunity came to us with Jim and Wendy it was something that was meant to be and being downtown, we want this to be a destination."

Aboughoche says the menu has a few changes to go along with the surroundings.

"We've really emphasized more on the steak house, we've got Prime Rib now, we've got the bone-in ribeye we've got the filet mignon, the Chateau Briand, we've added some fresher appetizers as well, we've brought in a little bit of heritage of ourselves, the taste of Lebanon, some tenderloin skewers with some humus, so we've really freshened up our appatizer section.

He says they still have the pizzas, pastas and fish dishes they've been known for.

Another new feature is a separate entrance around on the northwest corner of the building for take out so eating in is one experience but take out is still available.