The Remembrance Day banners have gone up along light standards in High River.

One of the 112 Remembrance Day banners on light poles.One of the 112 Remembrance Day banners on light poles.

Bob Collins, past president of the High River Royal Canadian Legion Branch #71, said they started the program a number of years ago and it's really taken off.

"Oh, it did, we are up to 112 banners and whatever we can't put in our downtown core and along Centre Street I have the opportunity also to use the Rec Plex."

You can just contact the Legion or stop in if you would like more information on purchasing one in someone's honour of their service in the Canadian military.

Collins also explained where the idea for the banners came from in the first place.

"It's a great thing. I saw this in Drumheller, and I said if that can happen in Drumheller I said it's going to happen here."

Remembrance Day is coming up this Saturday, November 11. 

If you're looking to purchase a poppy, they're available at the three main grocery stores and Canadian Tire and most banks and many local businesses have the poppy boxes.

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