The Heaven Can Wait animal shelter is currently not accepting any dogs or cats because they're too full.

Founder, Kim Hessel, said with the state of the economy and a variety of factors they've been flooded with calls from people looking to give up their pets. 

"They can't find a place to live, or they don't have enough hours to pay their rent, or their landlords have jacked it... and they're calling around going I can't keep my dog, I can't keep my cat, and they're dumping them. And that's what I'm seeing is people are getting desperate and they're dumping them.

Yesterday (October 3) alone between ASPCA as they reached out and asked if we could take a dog. Another smaller rescue asked if we could take four, four-week-old puppies, never mind for all the calls for owner surrender, I bet I did 14 or 15 calls yesterday.  And I have to say no because we have no space."

They currently have over 40 dogs and 70 cats ready for adoption. They can't accept any new animals until they adopt out the current animals they have.

Contact the shelter for more information at 403-601-2520 or go to the Heaven Can Wait website.

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