Foothills County is into phase two of its work on a Secondary Suite Bylaw.

Reeve Delilah Miller says the suites have proven to be a very good solution for relatives aging in place.

"Families are able to keep their parents on the farm or on an acreage or close to them instead of putting them into a facility and it seems to be a nice alternative for a lot of our residents, " she says.

Miller says the size of the stand-alone secondary suites has been a concern for some, wondering if 900 square feet is sufficient.

There's also a question about whether there's a need for a sub-division when the suites are built, especially if they are stand alone.

"We really need to hear from our residents and this is a good engagement process that lets everybody weigh in whether you want a secondary suite or you want to live beside one or you don't want to live beside one, we need to know because this will be going also to our two-acre parcels in hamlet development so some may not want those, we already know some hamlets don't want to support those, so we want to be respectful and hear from everybody we can."

The county will continue to consult with the public about the issue through its social media sites.