It's a big year for the High River Flyers hockey club.

The team's president Tim Bradbury says it's the 100th anniversary of the Flyers, in one form of another.

Over the years they've played in Senior leagues like the Ranchland Hockey League to now where they're playing in the Heritage Junior "B" league.

He says they're planning to celebrate the anniversary in a big way, including going back to the original jersey from 1923.

"We've rebranded our logo from the eagle that was on the shirt, we've now gone back to what we've traced back as far as we could, back to it being a plane, so we're going to have a Spitfire across the front of the shirt and it's going to have 'Established 1923' when the team was first run out of High River."

Bradbury says they'll also have pucks, hats, sweatshirts, and t-shirts featuring the new logo for sale.

He says the new design proved popular.

They were going to use it as a 'third jersey' just once a month but he says the response has been so good they've decided to make it their main jersey.

Bradbury points out the team does more than just play hockey in the town.

"They go out with the junior teams, and they host minor hockey teams several times a year, they're at different events in town, we assist with the (Christmas) lighting in George Lane Park, we've been involved with the Special Olympics, some of the guys play a floor hockey game against them so there are several things that the boys do other than just represent the town playing hockey."

The team is planning some special events this year to commemorate the anniversary.